Our program is only as good as our staff.  We seek out talented professionals who will establish meaningful and lasting relationships.  Our counselors are trained to be sensitive to individual challenges, while helping to foster a group spirit.  Several of our staff members have successfully emerged from the foster care system, serving as outstanding role models for the children and making their experiences a resource for our other staff members.

Interested in working for Happy Trails for Kids?  Read more about our summer jobs or internship opportunities.


Much of the day-to-day work of Happy Trails is undertaken by our volunteers, committee members and Board of Directors, who bring creativity, energy, and an undeniable passion to help build better lives for our kids.

Interested in volunteering or joining any of the following committees?  Please contact us today.

Programs Committee – creates fun, meaningful and rewarding programs for kids, with a focus on creating lasting relationships and a long-term impact on the lives of children in foster care.

Fundraising and Partnerships Committee – manages fundraising efforts and relationships with individual donors and corporate partners.

Compliance Committee – prepares annual budget, implements corporate governance and spending initiatives to ensure Happy Trails is in line with “best practices,” and manages non-profit and regulatory compliance.

Thank you to the following committee members for their ongoing commitment to Happy Trails and their invaluable support:

Ben Abrams

Cara Harvey

Amanda Hikin

Julie McCormick

Amy Rocha

Dan Shell

Rachel Speiser Schwartz