(Learning Adulthood Skills and Supporting Ourselves)

Under the Trails to Success Initiative, campers are invited to participate in LASSO (Learning Adulthood Skills and Supporting Ourselves) programming involving a series of skills-based workshops and experiences on topics ranging from job readiness, financial literacy, wellness and college access.

Junior Counselor Program

Former campers ages 16 through 18 are eligible to serve as Junior Counselors at camp and to participate in year round leadership training and peer support. To be considered, a youth must submit a resume and application, provide letters of recommendations, participate in an interview and participate in leadership training. This opportunity offers increased responsibility, job skills development, a leadership role, and the chance to mentor younger children in foster care.

Older Youth Camping and Outdoor Adventure

Access to the outdoors and interacting with nature has far reaching benefits, including physical health and wellness, mental health, and overall a space for children and adolescents to connect with each other and escape from the barriers that exist in their day to day lives. We offer campership opportunities specifically designed for older youth – combining the benefits of nature with the opportunity for participants to focus on issues that are most relevant to older youth.