Happy Trails Spotlight


Anthony Cunningham

Junior Counselor


Nine years ago, Anthony Cunningham experienced his first summer at Happy Trails... and he hasn't looked back since. Today, this talented junior counselor (and soon to be promoted to camp counselor) can be found leading camp songs and bringing smiles to campers' faces. Anthony brings his wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Happy Trails, and serves as a role model and inspiration for the younger generation of campers.

While currently a freshman at Cal State Northridge, Happy Trails still
remains an important part of Anthony's life.

As I got older, all the other programs began to fade away from my life, but the one that stuck with me was Happy Trails for Kids.

Anthony believes that with the shared experience of foster care, a special bond is created between campers.

"When I think of Happy Trails, I think of community. We are one big family that keeps on growing.


Junior Counselor


Andreah has been coming to camp since she was 10 years old and this year she will be a counselor.  She keeps coming back because to her…

“Happy Trails is more than a camp.  It is a home and a family. While in foster care, not many of my situations were permanent. However, I knew that I could count on Happy Trails. Over the years Happy Trails has been my backbone. It has made a big difference in my life and I hope that my efforts will do the same for other campers.”